Priority Labs Curve Tracer 625


Introducing the Priority Labs Curve Tracer 625
An affordable multi-pin curve tracer

The PLCT 625 is a compact I/V measurement solution for device comparisons and screening. Paired with a simple GUI interface, the PLCT provides the user total configuration control, with minimal effort. Captured data is graphically displayed for fast and easy comparisons and readily exported in a report friendly format. All Data Measurements are made using standard lab equipment preventing the need for additional calibration cycles and improves PLCT up time. The PLCT shows innovative features such as, assisted socket mapping and floating internally shorted DUT pins. The PLCT’s compact size makes it a versatile option for use in conjunction with microscopes and other analytical tools. Flexible configuration options, portability and features make the PLCT a necessary tool in any lab; and at an affordable price point it meets the budget of labs small and large.
  • Save format supports easy file comparison
  • User definable colors and line textures
  • Industry standard 625 Pin PGA footprint
  • Simple Text configuration files
  • Independently addressable pin architecture
  • Automatic graphical data export
  • User configurable pin subset selection at Run time
  • Graphical Pin comparison across multiple devices
  • User configurable pin groupings
  • Pins: 625
  • Voltage: ±12.0V
  • Current: ±20.0mA
  • Speed: Up to 375mS/Sweep*
  • Dimensions: 13.1”W x 8.1” D x 3.8”H
*Measured at ±1V with 10 Data points captured